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1. Lisa en Twitter: "attended 1st post @womensmarch grassroots meeting, Washtenaw Women la Resistance @WashtenawDems will be getting 6 new members at Feb5 mtg!"

2. Ollie 🎶I miss UTD🎶 en Twitter: "Well...I just removed someone from Snapchat for the first time. It was a chalk writing left over from the #WomensMarch in our city."

6. J. Chang en Twitter: "Concerned w/current state of affairs? Write to your politicians! Come to Room 201 to do one! Tell friends! #WomensMarch #10actions100days"

7. Lisa M Hayes en Twitter: "@POTUS @FBI @CIA @ACTBrigitte Please! This "woman" 👉 @lsarsour needs to be investigated! #CloserNation #muslembrotherhood #CAIR"

9. American Gunslinger en Twitter: "@JoeNYLaw @smithdana599 deblasios advisor is Linda Sarsour, the pro sharia #WomensMarch lead. They want Muslim Enclaves in NYC, like Paris!"

10. Simi en Twitter: "You are vile @lsarsour. Critisism of you is not 'islamaphobia', this is my opinion as a female on how much of a fraud you are #WomensMarch"