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1. DeSmogBlog on Twitter: "The Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement Is A Disaster For #ClimateChange: via @climateprogress"

2. DeSmogBlog on Twitter: "How Stephen Harper is the last remnant of George W. Bush in North America #climate"

4. DeSmog Canada on Twitter: "Digging the handy chart @ccpa Norway and Canada: Economic and fiscal management of petroleum wealth."

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7. DeSmog Canada on Twitter: "Free Documentary Shows How Conservative Staffers Led Voters to Wrong Polling Stations During 2011 #Election #elxn42"

9. DeSmog Canada on Twitter: "What Your New #Liberal Majority Government Means for #Climate, Environment, Science and Transparency #elxn42"

10. Desmond Cole on Twitter: "Debate organizers should end the practice of "final remarks." Politicians have enough opportunities to recite talking points #macdebate"