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2. Bill Hillier on Twitter: "Vets told, Harper Event at Legion Hall 'It was a private function' #cdnpoli"

3. Bill Hillier on Twitter: "PMO lawyer disagreed, ‘taken aback’ with @PMHarper's stance on Senate residency criteria #cdnpoli"

4. Bill Hillier on Twitter: "Bayne is getting set up now at the podium to cross-examine Perrin #Duffy #cdnpoli #elxn42"

5. Brian Fleck on Twitter: "Research library's closure shows Harper government targets science 'at every turn,' union says"

8. Brian Fleck on Twitter: "Sept 18 poll from Environics for Edmonton-Riverbend. Vote NDP for change! We can do this!"

9. Brian Fleck on Twitter: "Why won't #PMSH support our troops? Canada’s vets have Conservatives in their sights."

10. Brian Fleck on Twitter: "In only ninety seconds, Rick Mercer nails what this election is really about. via @mikesbloggity"