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1. Conservatives Lead Hairboy Party, Communists Continue To Tank In Latest Poll #elxn42 – Blazing Cat Fur

3. Calgary Mayor calls Harper’s position on niqabs and Syrian Refugees ‘dangerous’ ‘dog whistle politics’ and ‘disgusting’ | National Newswatch

4. D-List Celebrity Harper Derangement Syndrome: Neil Young & Eco-Fraud Suzuki #elxn42 – Blazing Cat Fur

5. Pew Research Study: Majority Of NDP & Liberal Party Members Against Keystone XL Pipeline #elxn42 – Blazing Cat Fur

6. Tories Open Lead On Communist and Communists With Better Hair Parties: Poll #elxn42 – Blazing Cat Fur

9. Man speaks candidly about Duffy trial… MSM plays victim, wets itself #elxn42 – Blazing Cat Fur