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1. RBC investors, analysts not fazed by bank being named in Panama Papers | Financial Post

3. the unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens: Why most of the Panama Papers have been kept in the dark?

4. Trudeau calls for global co-operation to crack down on offshore tax evasion in wake of Panama Papers scandal | National Post

6. Law firm at centre of Panama Papers leak may have set up shell company to help robbers in famous U.K. heist | National Post

7. Jenni Byrne’s trip to Ottawa: Who is the Tory campaign manager and why the interest in her whereabouts?

8. Mulcair must tax corporations, super-rich to fund agenda, says left wing NDP activist | Ottawa Citizen

9. Hydro One workers to get shares in newly privatized utility, plus raises, but government says it’s ‘net zero’ | National Post

10. Harper wants your vote badly enough to bribe you for it – with your own money | National Observer