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1. Detective refused to lift Islamic niqab, subjecting Elizabeth Smart to 7 more months of rape, torture | Creeping Sharia

3. What They Don’t Want Us to Know (Updated) #GoldOutofHiding – Defending Sanity in the Uppity Down World

4. Politicians are humans too – so how far back is too far for social media gaffes? | davidrothbauer

7. Harper exploits taxpayer-funded, billion-dollar loophole in his “Unfair” Elections Act | Citizen Action Monitor

8. NDP caves to smear campaign against Nova Scotia candidate’s anti-Israel comments, accepts his resignation | Citizen Action Monitor

9. FOR WIDEST DISTRIBUTION – Class Action announced for HOME EQUITY ASSISTANCE | Home Equity Assistance

10. Are You Down with OPMG – Ontario Property Management Group? #YouHoldTheKey #theFUresponse – Business Common Sense Takes No Non-Sense Politics Too ✌ H♡T Date with SUCCESS to Burn-out Stress