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1. Ukip blasts Lynton Crosby as 'not caring about Britain' after saying party has no future | Politics | News | Daily Express

3. Britons SHOULD feel nervous about women wearing burkas, says David Davies MP | UK | News | Daily Express

4. ISIS 'on verge of defeat' as Russian jets cut off arms supplies | World | News | Daily Express

5. Pope Francis says sick ISIS militants are sneaking into Europe disguised as refugees | World | News | Daily Express

7. Islamic State: Britain and France plot airstrikes against Isis in Syria | UK | News | Daily Express

8. American-trained rebels allegedly betrayed US by handing weapons over to al-Qaeda | World | News | Daily Express

9. Saudi teen Ali al-Nimr to be executed by CRUCIFIXION for anti-Government protest | World | News | Daily Express

10. Polar ice caps increase in volume by a third as cool summer halts melting Arctic | Nature | News | Daily Express