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2. WATCH! Anti-Trump Hag Gets Kicked Off Flight After Threatening TRUMP Supporter...Passengers Clap! [Video] »

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5. HOW PROGRESSIVE! Women's March Organizer Has Ties To Terror Group Hamas…Advocates For SHARIA LAW »

6. PEGGY HUBBARD Delivers KNOCK OUT PUNCH To "NASTY WOMEN" At DC March :"You don't speak for me as a woman…If anything, you've inspired me to run the other way." [VIDEO] »

7. SHARIA LAW GRIPPING FRANCE: STUNNING Report Shows Muslim Men Prohibit Women From Public Spaces [VIDEO] »

8. NUTTY LEFTY Breaks Into TRUMP'S Mar-A-Lago Club...Vandalizes With Bananas »

9. HYSTERICAL LIBERALS CHEER FOR JOHN KERRY...He Came To Protest Something...He's Not Sure What It Is [Video] »

10. HERE'S WHAT Feminists Left Behind After Their Day-Long Hissy Fit...Clearly They're Not Too Worried About The Environment »