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12. OLI DANEAULT on Twitter: "Who the hell came up with #elxn2015 #elxn42 when #Fed2015 was RIGHT THERE. Yes, I’m mad about hastags."

14. christie blatchford on Twitter: "The man with white hair and glasses just said. "Go home Olivia -- back to China!" Terrible low in an evening of them."

15. Bryan Law on Twitter: " #Harper #conservatives #politics strategist is abandoning ship. #notincanada Make sure to #vote in #ElectionsCanada"

17. Brad Lazaruk on Twitter: "Quite disgusted at the goings on from the Cons and their crowd this weekend. This is not the Canada we want.#cdnpoli #elxn42"

18. Brad Lazaruk on Twitter: "Three polls today all showing a definite lead for the #LPC.Is the Nine-Year-Nightmare finally over?#cdnpoli #elxn42"

20. Blazing CatFur on Twitter: "Liberals Trail Conservatives & NDP by Double Digits In Ontario Thanks To Wynne Endorsement Of Hair Boy #elxn42"