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1. Sébastien Duyck sur Twitter : "@YukonTeddy @joelplouffe what an oxymoron. here's independent assessment of Canada's plans:"

3. David Vance sur Twitter : "When Islamic State were crucifying people, burning people alive, raping kids and murdering gay ppl, WHERE was the left's moral outrage???"

4. Dan Verville sur Twitter : "Legit pumped that our next prime minister has a fall down the stairs party trick. #elxn42 #ohcanada"

5. David A McLean sur Twitter : "In 2006-07, Harper inherited a surplus of $13.8 billion — which he turned into a deficit of $5.8 billion within 2 years. #elxn42 #cdnpoli"

6. David A McLean sur Twitter : "Harper still dodging questions from reporters. His visceral contempt for Canadians is astonishing. #elxn42"

7. David A McLean sur Twitter : "Harper's shameful record of anti-democratic reforms renders him unfit for leadership of any modern democracy. #elxn42"

8. Devon MacKenzie sur Twitter : "@calmecam he also forgets to mention it took him 3 weeks after @CanadianGreens came out against c51 to decide if he would oppose it too"

9. Devon MacKenzie sur Twitter : "This is where the #ndp really stand on #KinderMorgan @dogwoodbc #cdnpoli"

10. David Wallbridge sur Twitter : "@chronicleherald @CH_cmcIlveen It should be noted that @MeganLeslieHFX introduced a Bill on voting rights. Not supported by Cons."