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2. Canada4Bernie en Twitter: "#ImWithHer took nearly $3M in BRIBES from Wall Street - allowing them to continue gambling w/depositors money."

3. Canada4Bernie en Twitter: "Clinton's attacks meant to distract from #panamapapers Don't lose focus on what matters most: #ClintonCorruption"

4. Canada4Bernie en Twitter: "This week: #GoldmanSachs #RomanianHackerExtradited #ColoredPeopleTime #VTSuppliesGuns #PanamaPapers - can you hear us now, @TheDemocrats?"

5. Canada4Bernie en Twitter: "US isn't alone in media blackout: More than 100K protest PM Cameron & austerity. No @BBC coverage. #panamapapers"

6. Canada4Bernie en Twitter: "#LondonBerning -- more than 100K demand resignation of PM David Cameron #panamapapers."

9. CC en Twitter: "Some serious news, so what is Rebel Media obsessing over? Oh ..."

10. CC en Twitter: "So, just to be clear, Rebel Media utterly uninterested in Panama Papers and massive tax fraud, but obsessed with a high school in Halifax."