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1. Everytown on Twitter: "Can't make it to the National #WomensMarch this weekend in Washington, D.C.?Find a march in a city near you!"

2. Everytown on Twitter: "Show your solidarity with those at the National #WomensMarch by attending a march in a city near you!"

3. Geraldine on Twitter: "The ACA doesn't just provide coverage for those without. It also offers protection to the already insured. Translation: We're all screwed."

4. Eve Penman on Twitter: "want to be empowered? clean your own houses & mow your own lawns & don't pay people to do the work for you. #womensmarch #elitists #gagme"

5. evie on Twitter: "in a lil celebration of this past weekend I wanted to draw up two fantastic ladies! #womensmarch"

6. #MAGA Evil Esq on Twitter: "I support these #WomensMarch-ers turning out to support Trump's opposition to radical Islam and its oppression and brutal treatment of women"

8. #MAGA Evil Esq on Twitter: "Should drug tests be required for anyone receiving government handouts? cc: @realDonaldTrump @POTUS."

9. #MAGA Evil Esq on Twitter: "If women don't want the government regulating their bodies then they shouldn't demand government pay for their abortions. #WomensMarch"

10. Mere Smith on Twitter: "The ladies walking behind us were talking about how this was the first day since Nov. 8 they didn't feel depressed #WomensMarch"