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1. James Bloodworth sur Twitter : "Rather than grandstanding about Cameron resigning, it would be more effective to press him to get tough with tax havens while he's reeling."

2. ♒ ♕ MiLaDy ♕ ♒ on Twitter: "Sigue «@CFKArgentina: las sociedades offshore de Macri, de sus parientes, de sus socios y de sus funcionarios… #panamapapers»"

3. on Twitter: "Messi dreigt met rechterlijke stappen na Panama Papers"

4. AdsumP on Twitter: "Lista Panama Papers dos bilionários não arrolou Lula, como proprietario do Friboi, de fazendas, do jatinho, do pedalinho! Que decepção! rsrs"

5. on Twitter: "El primer ministre d'Islàndia demana la dissolució del Parlament"

6. the grugq on Twitter: "Saddest thing about the #panamapapers is some hacker/insider risking their neck to tell the world that dictators and autocrats are corrupt."

7. g.smurf on Twitter: "This is the most accessible write-up yet for why you should care about the #PanamaPapers leak"

8. Gufran Shaikh on Twitter: "If this happens, we will be lucky to see 2 great actors ruling our country at the same time. #GodseWedsAfzal"

10. The Hero Journal on Twitter: "Panama Paper Leak Launches Worldwide Investigation"