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1. #PanamaPapers: convocan a una conferencia de prensa en Casa Rosada | ANDRÉS Z POLÍTICA Y CULTURA: San Juan, Argentina, Noticias, mundo

2. Nissan Whistleblower: An Attempt to Warn COP 21 About Green Corruption : James Comey Pls Thank the FBI for NOT Giving Up on the Global Good Ole Boy Network.... & YES!!! I Know I'm lucky to be alive... NISSAN, Renault & Autovaz Your CEO Carlos Ghosn "Will Be" linked to the ppl in the Panama Papers.... Lastly Carlos Tavares Can YOU Get Me a Job at Peogueot My Divorce is Gonna Get Finalized Soon and Obamacare SUCKS... The American People Have Changed Their Views on France (Personally I Think France is on the WRONG Side of the Google Issue.... Corrupt Ppl Like Carlos Ghosn SHOULD Be Shown On Google Searches- You Can't Make a Society Healthy If the French Govt. Protects the BAD GUYS Online Image)... Still Most American's Would Buy French Cars ... Mr Tavares That's ONLY If They're Attractive & You MUST Remember I Was RIGHT About the NISSAN CUBE:):) Tell Armelle Hello & I Want to See her on That Tractor She Told Me About.... Your Wife is an Awesome Lady & After Nissan Execs Arrested Me on Trumped Up Charges , Just Like the Renault Spies I Appreciated her Efforts:):)


6. Le blog des bits - Pascal Jehanno - Le blog BD informatique: "Panama Papers" a failli ne jamais voir le jour

7. El Mundo Paradigmatico: #PanamaPapers explicado con una alcancía de cochinito ¡Para que lo entiendan mejor!

9. Milton Daniels Bishop: #PanamaPapers uncovers how Ibori the thief organised massive stealing of Delta funds