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1. Laura B. on Twitter: "Wow. Harper's campaign announcement strategy has taken on a whole new level of cheese. They have cash register sounds and everything."

2. Laura B. on Twitter: "Mulcair delivering that 35 seats needed nonsense. Husband - he assumes he's keeping the others? Me - he assumes we're idiots. #elxn42"

6. Laura B. on Twitter: "Harper's base: Crack smoking ex-mayor & the brother who lost. Front and centre on the campaign trail. lol. #elxn42"

7. Laura B. on Twitter: "@globepolitics "Trudeau has been fighting me more than Harper"LOL! Trudeau barely, if ever, mentions Tom anymore."

10. Laura B. on Twitter: "Yep. Low point for @PnPCBC. There are many relevant ppl in politics. Doug Ford not one of them. #elxn42"