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31. Go BHawks on Twitter: "I'm ready for a law that states "Defacing the American flag is a 5000 fine plus 1 year in jail, no exceptions" Vets defended the flag!"

33. Sonia Molodecky JD on Twitter: "Today we stood in solidarity w Indigenous Peoples 4 climate justice & indigenous rights. Powerful voices @manari @LeoDiCaprio #climatemarch"

34. adchick22 on Twitter: "Fantastic! Thank you from NE Missouri. Cheering you on. You’re making a difference! People before Profits! #Climatemarch #Resist"

35. Vanessa Corona on Twitter: "Young people on the front lines of the #ClimateMarch? This is what democracy looks like! #YouthRiseUp -"

36. Morning Sentinel on Twitter: "Marchers in Augusta call for politicians, others to protect #Maine resources, @betadams reports #climatemarch."

38. justice4ALL on Twitter: "The temperature for April in Washington DC was Mother Nature's gift to prove that there IS climate change- sweltering and extremely humid"

40. Average Merica on Twitter: "2000 @HillaryClinton Be Like,"I THINK A MARRIAGE IS AS A MARRIAGE HAS ALWAYS BEEN, BETWEEN A MAN & A WOMAN"#DNC #WHCD #LGBT #ClimateMarch"