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12. AmiBel&Art on Twitter: ""You're too soft, with your language, Jared, I would be yelling obscenities + outrage + HYPERBOLE, to get the BASTERDS to do something - ,"

14. Tim Walz on Twitter: "Science doesn't just change w/ the political wind. RT to demand @EPAScottPruitt 🚫playing games w/ our health & 🌎#defendscience #climatemarch"

17. Taylor Cook on Twitter: "Young people on the front lines of the #ClimateMarch? This is what democracy looks like! #YouthRiseUp -"

18. PremiumBrandReviews on Twitter: "Heading into this weekend's #ClimateMarch it’s important to #KnowYourGHGs and... by #inkscrblr via @c0nvey"

19. old punk 🌹 on Twitter: "This is amazing. OR"Soros is writing a shit ton of checks right now"Pick your narrative. Either way still amazing. #climatemarch"