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1. Truth on Twitter: "Shouldn't the world be more worried about #TrumpRussia than N.Korea.Trump and Putin [2BadHombres] have their hands on nuclear weapons. REAL"

2. Mike Knizner on Twitter: "@TheDemocrats @ScienceMarchDC @Climate_March @womensmarch Such Caring, Honest & Loving People..NOT.. Hypocritical LIBTARDS😡😖We WILL 🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸"

3. -=M=- on Twitter: "Welcome to the #climatemarch .. when you called out "deniers" those who will pay to clean behind you. #climatechange #ClimateChangeHoax"

4. Joseph Young on Twitter: "Thank you Mr Vice President you your four decades of advocacy on behalf of climate justice #ActOnClimate #peoplesclimatemarch"

5. gregory alan elliott on Twitter: "@incohetur @EdwardTHardy @realDonaldTrump #WomensMarch and #ScienceMarch and #ClimateMarch all the same Professional paid-by-Soros marchers, and sheep-like shut-ins out for some air."

6. Marius de Vos on Twitter: "Great! they are going to stop climate change. Well done! Perhaps they can let the sun shine 3 hours longer too please."

7. Max Deplorableoevsky on Twitter: "Isaiah Thomas #TheresNothingMoreSexierThan Wizards Al Horford#SundayFunday Deface the Nation HamiltonLA #TOYOTAOWNERS400"

8. Custom Design Studio on Twitter: "#peoplesclimate You Made History. March Memorabilia and Keepsakes #globalwarming #climatechange"

9. Mary Beth on Twitter: "This must really piss you off @realDonaldTrump !! Yesterday's march on climate change and the January women's march = more ppl than inaug.!"

10. Atticus Stryker on Twitter: "@jonathanweisman @BretStephensNYT For many worried about their kid's futures, a button-pushing piece rife w/ false equivalence the day before #climatemarch was a step too far"