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33. Lola Politicka en Twitter: "#womenleaders #sistermarch #sisterhoodispowerful #mencanmarchtoo We can keep the pressure up. Remember, 10 acts in 100 days."

34. NeeVA en Twitter: "#WeRise #WomensMarch #TheNightlyShow #AMJOY #TheResistance #PeopleOath First Kids are off limits. Although some tried w #44's Kids anyway"

35. Howdy Doodie en Twitter: "Women are treated with an entirely different "RULE BOOK" and they want to bring that to the USA ? Ladies WAKE UP .your following DESTRUCTION"

36. Kindly follow back en Twitter: "“Americans are way too dramatic and always looking for something to be mad about” – Dencia on the #WomensMarch"

37. Mark Jones en Twitter: "Good for you. You're 'just an actor' but he's a nasty, mean-spirited jerk who shouldn't be given the oxygen of publicity. Or any, really."