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1. Come Take en Twitter: "#YouTried #ParticpationTrophy #POTUS #boycotttrump #WomensMarchOnWashington #womensmarch #CryBabyCentral #TherapyPuppies #SafeSpace"

2. Tested Limits en Twitter: "This is #WomensMarch. Your feminism was used to leverage someone else's agenda; feminism that would have you stoned & killed under Sharia"

3. Mushkie en Twitter: "@lsarsour #WomensMarch sharia style#AmericasOnToYou can't fool us Kafirs any more #BanShariaLaw #StopIslamizationofAmerica"

4. ZZ en Twitter: "You absolute bellend. Piers Morgan is no saint but he is entitled to a voice like us all and made some valid point. Show up and debate!"

5. John en Twitter: "Thank you for taking a stand against @piersmorgan and his unacceptable views. I hope many others boycott him. #WomensMarch #LoveTrumpsHate"

6. Eric Dean en Twitter: "The idea will be to establish an 'Anti-Sharia = Pro Trump' bumper sticker mentality. Using #WomensMarch and attack on Muslims as battle cry"

7. Seinenu Thein-Lem en Twitter: "I was happy to write up a brief report and share my photos of #DC #WomensMarch with my favorite Eng-lang news in #Burma @IrrawaddyNews"

8. Christian en Twitter: "How brave of you! As you are clearly so sure of ur righteousness, maybe turning up to debate him would have been a more powerful statement."

9. Nelli Ruotsalainen en Twitter: "TÄMÄ!Niin valtava&vakuuttava kuin #WomensMarch olikin, tämä LIIKE ei ole mitään, jos valkoiset feministit ylläpitävät valkoista ylivaltaa"

10. Vojkančić en Twitter: "Naravno da se može boriti za prava žena na #WomensMarch tako što će se štititi tip koji sa ženom govori uz pomoć pesnica..."