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1. Sean Woods en Twitter: "The very dishonest president won't admit that the crowd today was much bigger than at his inauguration. Sad! #notmypresident #womensmarch"

2. relombardo en Twitter: "I Want You,To SaveDemocracy.#TheResistance #NotMyPresident #PlotAgainstAmerica #UnitedWeStand #AmericansAgainstTrump #WomensMarch"

3. Des♀bediente en Twitter: "Impresionante. Sense les dones no hi ha revolució!!! Estic a favor del mur, sí; del mur que separi a Trump de la resta del món. #WomensMarch"

4. Splash Lights Media en Twitter: "Hey Iran, YOU do something useful! You don't know what the women are fighting for because you're up your own arse. #WomensMarch"

5. Tayla Andrè en Twitter: "Build a wall against racism and bigotry. #MarchOnWashington #WomensMarch #WomensMarchOnWashington #RadioRebel #WakeUpwithTaylaAndre"

6. Miranda Leitsinger en Twitter: "The crowd was massive. March was slow at times, but people were good-natured - lots of chanting, music, energy #womensmarch @KQEDnews"

7. Melissa Schott en Twitter: "So glad to see so many people that believe what I believe and care enough about their futures to make themselves heard #WomensMarch"

8. Medill on the Hill en Twitter: ""Welcome to your first day, we will not go away." View from Pennsylvania Ave. east of the White House via @noraannemarie #WomensMarch #wmw"

9. Rishan en Twitter: "#WomensMarch #WomensMarchTO @TorontoStar @CBCToronto @CP24 #blogto @globalnewsto @CTVToronto @metrotoronto @CityNews @globeandmail"

10. I LOVE YOU -DINAH- en Twitter: "" Tenho Apenas 4 ano e sei que todos são iguais."..Queria parabenizar a mãe dessa criança por insentivar a menina assim so cute #WomensMarch"