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1. Jennifer Cooper en Twitter: "Let's do better, @CNN. Not only this time because it was a women's march, but always because it matters. @womensmediacntr @JenSiebelNewsom"

2. Gma Sharon en Twitter: "UNREAL-these are women marching for womens rights and THIS is what and who they are talking withSERIOUSLY-AFRAID of TRUMPgive me a break"

3. Jennifer m en Twitter: "Trouble maker w/too much money, Most likely has dementia. Can we put him n a facility of w/straight jacket. Would make USA a safer place."

4. Mr Jose Draws en Twitter: "Woman Wonder Hi-fives Hillary Clinton. Women's March.#WomensMarchOnWashington #WonderWoman #HillaryClinton #sketch #drawing #Womensmarch"

5. Apparel Design en Twitter: "#hewillnotdivideusThis is What A Feminst Looks LikeGet your Shirt : #WhyIMarch #equality #Feminist"

6. RosaLovesDC en Twitter: "Saturday was awesome.Now, let's get to work:1. Add your Senator to your speed dial2. Call today"

7. Apparel Design en Twitter: ""Good Monday"This is What A Feminst Looks LikeGet your T Shirt : #WhyIMarch #equality #Feminist"

8. Conversation Bug en Twitter: "#ImpeachmentSoon #TheResistance #WomensMarchAttn: Amer.-We can't let this woman try 2 "normalize," the lies & BS that DJT & Spicer put out!"

9. Hannah en Twitter: "Please do NOT do this. Organisers have confirmed this is not from them. Do not disclose your info #womensmarch #countme"

10. Dennis Rehfuss en Twitter: "I guess all those liberal environmental issues were on hold for the demonstration @SandraTXAS #MondayMorning #mondaymotivation"