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3. ‫تدشين سفير عمان كلمات و أداء محمد الذهلي - حصري | #زد_رصيدك81‬‎ - YouTube

4. Africa on Twitter: "Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, S. Africa, Malawi join #MarchForScience on Earth Day - africanews"

8. Amy Pisani, Exec Dir on Twitter: "Keep those #VaxChants coming for #MarchforScience: "Vaccines work. Vaccines save lives. Science says to immunize!" #VaccinesWork"

9. ASA Science Policy on Twitter: "Statisticians/mathematicians, coming to DC for #MarchForScience? Visit @maanow @amermathsoc @TheSIAMNews @AmstatNews"

10. Eduardo Quintana on Twitter: "Washington DC y otras 500 ciudades se preparan para la histórica #MarchforScience que exigirá políticas basadas en evidencia"